Tuesday, April 3, 2018

TV Story

Focus (the German news magazine) brought up a topic about a week ago, which deserved more research....and they actually went out and spent the week digging into it.

The topic started off with the discussion over how how much TV people make.  All of this circled around the Monday night public forum show....Hard But Fair.

The moderator for Hard But Fair?  Some research has been done and folks say that Plasberg....back in 2010....was pulling in 17,000 Euro per episode (you can figure that he does around forty episodes per year).  You can do the math and figure he (at least in 2010) as a public TV moderator, was pulling in 680,000 Euro a year....more or less.  Course, you can also figure that the tax system took around 50-percent of his income.....bringing closer to 340,000 Euro a year.  It's a fair sum.

Then Focus went and talked to salary.de's CEO....Philip Bierbach, and he gave a glimpse of the TV system's salary structure.

TV production managers in Germany make near 58.416 euros per year on average.

TV editors make near 47,651 Euro on average.

The lesser-known moderators make near 45,629 Euro on average.

Cameramen  33,910 Euro on average.

Sound engineer: 43,997 Euro on average.

One can view the deal and figure that one single show (one-hour in length), by the time you wrap up the weekly show, and look over the entire team assembled....there's been well over 300,000 Euro spent for one single show.

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