Friday, June 2, 2017

Before You Run Off To France

About ten days ago, the comments were first brought up, and last night.....they were uttered again.  President Macron from France has said that France would work to welcome American climate scientists and work to get them into France.  The term "refuge" was a French sort of way.

The Intercept brought up the basic story.

A second 'homeland'?

Well....before you run off as an American climate scientist....maybe you want to pause and think about a few things.

First, you still have to pay taxes to the US.  It's true.....2015, it was adjusted to $100,800.  Anything over that amount?  You will have to pay US taxes.  The French folks?  They will tax you.  If you make between 72,000 Euro and 152,000 Euro.....the standard taxation is 41-percent.  Note, that's only the tax....that's before we get to the healthcare costs (8-percent from your base-pay pocket, and your boss will pay 13-percent).  So if you did get lucky and score 120,000 Euro a year can figure 60,000 Euro will end up in your pocket....oh, but then Uncle Same will look at the 20,000 you made over the limit, and probably take 4,000 Euro of that as well.  So, figure 56,000 Euro for the 120,000 Euro salary.

Second, if you wake up and realize all this tax stuff a year later, and get angry.....well, just dump your US citizenship and stay in France, permanently.  My guess is that you might think about this.

Third, French banks lined up to do business with you and provide all the services you'd normally get as a French guy?  No.  Because of the IRS standards, and paperwork in involved.....most France banks will either mandate a fee because of your US situation or just say no to doing business with you.  It's the same in Germany, Austria, etc.

Fourth, thinking that you are going to safe France....away from crime in America?  Well....get real.  Robberies and theft occur in France as well.  Terrorism is something that will pop up once or twice a month with arrests or an actual act.

Fifth, think that French migrants are like Mexicans or Hondurans or Salvadorians?  Well....get real.  Talk to your French neighbor and get some idea of how the real world works in France.

Sixth, all these fantastic climate change jobs just sitting out there?  No.  Some foundations exist and they hire some gifted young graduates each year, but there's no vast market for thousands of American climate scientists.   And if they did have a might want to ask about the pay scale and not be shocked when regular bachelor degree situation might only get you 50,000 to 70,000 Euro a year.  Go work your French tax rate, the sales tax at the stores, and the cost of an apartment.  Don't act shocked.

Maybe two or three dozen American scientists will relocate into France and try to take this offer.  Long-term, it's a nice offer but mostly just a French joke.

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