Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Cladding Mess

I expected it to be announced this week.....the London city management folks have finished a review on high-rises within the city and the number which have been renovated and had cladding added to the exterior of the building.

600 high-rise apartment buildings.

Focus did the simple analysis over this and wrote the report.

What happens now?  My humble opinion is that some group of London leadership will have to make a decision and spend a ton of public have the cladding removed....quickly.  In this case, you can't even suggest a three-year or four-year period.  The public won't stand for it.

Billions involved?  More than likely.

But here's the thing which few think much's not just London.  You can walk around all of England and find several thousand houses or non-high-rise buildings in this category.  I imagine the folks in Paris, Amsterdam, and Madrid are doing the same review.  In the weeks to come.....they also will come to announce some magic number and an opinion that the cladding must be removed.  Where does the cladding get dumped?  One might ask that question and find environmentalists who think it can't be in a regular garbage dump.

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