Friday, June 16, 2017

German News: Friday Afternoon

ATM destruction trend. There was a ATM theft attempt in Gross-Gerau in the past couple of days.  It's part of a trend that's been going on for several years in Germany, but really peaked up in the past year.  Bank robbers come in the middle of the night.....find a ATM machine and with generally-proven methods.....blow up the covering of the machine and get the loot (typically less than 40,000 Euro).  The problem with this method is that not only does the machine get blown up but the structure of the bank itself is seriously compromised.  In this case of'll probably cost over 100,000 to repair the bank structure.  All of this, is slowly driving some banks to review ATM requirements, and I suspect a decade down the road....half the ATMs in Germany will no longer exist.  The gangs involved?  That's the thing about never hear about the cops busting the gang members.  I would take a guess that on a nightly basis across Germany.....there's at least two or three ATMs blown up each night.

This idea of finger-printing asylum-kids:  It's been lightly discussed and approved to some degree to start finger-printing any kids (maybe down to age 6 even) who are part of an asylum package deal.  Chief reason?  It's never thrown much into the conversation.  Last year, the Germans admitted in public text that they were missing several thousand asylum kids......they just seemed to walk away.  The gut feeling is that some guys just showed up with their son, nephew, or young brother, and did a family package for asylum.  They were in effect borrowing a male kid from a previous relative in Germany to help with the more favorable social programs and to get a better pass-rate.  Now?  If you show up with a fake son or brother.....they might call you back into the office a week later and just say that this application is fraudulent....meaning you just screwed up big-time.  How many fake kids are in the system?  No one really knows.....that's the sad thing over this whole episode.

Greens in spiral:  SWR did a decent report on the Green Party of Germany, and their attempt to rebuild public confidence, and to get something better than 7-percent on the September vote.  If it's anything less than's a major problem in public perception.  Worth reading at the site.

Monitoring of threats: SWR did a report on the number of Islamic individuals who are continually monitored in the Pfalz figured to be around 12 who require the ankle-monitoring device.

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