Monday, June 26, 2017


In the drug sales game.....controlling 'turf' is the central theme.  You don't want competition.  If you have two or three groups that appear on your turf, and start selling at a discounted price.....then your entire business plan is destroyed and you have drugs on your hands....which can't be sold without a loss.

German cops up in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein have basically laid out this unusual problem....turf-fights.  It's broken out in the last couple of months and groups are meeting on the street and conducting brawls to win over territory and kick out the competition.  This means some folks get sent off to the hospital.

The groups that the cops are encountering?  North African, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Yes, refugees, migrants and immigrants.

Why?  The newspaper S-H Zeitungsverlag didn't get into these details.

Typically, after you arrive in Germany and get some real dose of reality as a new come to realize that real jobs don't pay what you thought they would.  You don't have the background, the certificates, or the education to ask anything beyond minimum wage.  You go and talk to a couple of guys and they refer you to some gang who deals in drugs..  You offer your wake up a month later with a couple thousand Euro in your pocket and a pretty regular schedule.  The great thing about this?  No pension deductions....nothing removed from your pay.  Maybe the cops get onto your deal but that's weeks or months down the road.

If you were aggressive and out there everyday.....building up your might be sitting on 5k Euro a month minimum.  Maybe as much as 10k Euro.

But all of this is built on controlling turf.  If you wake up one day the typical group of Tuesday shoppers don't show up and you find out that they got a better deal with some new Afghan guy down the street.....well, then you call the boss, and some turf-battle starts up.  Cops?  They typically don't arrive until some serious damage has been done.

The public?  They talk about this stuff....mostly from the prospective that they've never seen such stuff like this before.  It's the kind of stuff that you'd see in New Jersey or Chicago...not in some urbanized German city.

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