Friday, June 16, 2017

Talk over Paris Accords

I noted that the Paris Accords people said this week that there would be NO new negotiation with the US on re-writing the Accord.

There are various ways of observing this 'gimmick'.

First, they anticipate that in 2021....Trump will be replaced and the guy/gal coming in will just jump right back in.

Second, the core of the whole agreement, whether people like to admit it or not.....has nothing to do with climate control....but with wealth distribution.  The billions to make the Paris Accord successful.....for the most part....need to come from the US.  Without the wealth distribution gimmick, there's no Accord.  Now that the US has laid out the wealth distribution part and people understand more to's very unlikely that a new Accord could be discussed.

Third and one really wants to sit in a discussion room with President Trump and discuss an agreement because there really is going to be a deal made, but it'll end up with the US getting the deal that President Trump desires.  If you don't talk.....then you avoid talks with Trump.

The problem with all of this?  Trump might run again in 2021.  Or you might see someone replace Trump and they had to agree with the public statement of no wealth distribution gimmicks.

The sad thing is that you could write up some fine ideas of countering pollution, and lessening carbon issues....but none of this are ever done without a wealth distribution gimmick.  It's hard to figure how the crowd got themselves stuck into a two-trick pony situation but you can sense a fair number of people are asking more about the wealth distribution side.

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