Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hamburg G-20 Summit

I was reading through the German news this morning, and Focus was summing up the expected chaos for the G-20 summit in Hamburg (roughly two weeks away).

One of the big threats is Kurds of Germany coming to demonstrate against the Erdogan government of Turkey.

A few weeks ago in DC....some Kurds came out and a massive fight erupted with Erdogan body-guards fighting demonstrators, and the DC cops mostly shocked at the violence.

The Tagesspiegel wrote up a fairly in-depth piece on the various groups that will focus on unrest in Hamburg during this period back on the 19th of June.

How badly will the external setting go for this summit?  If you follow the various news might speculate that it'll be the most threatening of all G-meetings ever held.  Who came up with the idea of picking Hamburg?  That might be a curious question to ask at this point.  If you went looking for revolutionary-types per city....Hamburg would likely be neck-and-neck with Berlin for the most active protest crowd.

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