Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Travel Story

Generally, everyday out of the Frankfurt take off for locations around Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Oddly enough, there are various refugees and asylum folks who have hyped up their necessity to stay in Germany, but are taking vacations or visits to their homeland.....where they contend it's unsafe to stay (yet they visit there).

This got brought up yesterday by Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

What is said is that the BamF and the Police.....both are noticing this trend.  They will be honest and say that there aren't statistics on this because they aren't collecting the data.  I would imagine that neither want the responsibility of collecting it because it could be politically embarrassing for some folks.

It should be noted that Germany has no law to prevent this or re-prioritize ranking on visa acceptance....if you were to take a two-week trip back to the homeland.  If you were collecting welfare money or Hartz IV funding....and you stayed long-term in the old country, then it would be a legal problem.  Most don't appear to be in that category.

I sat and looked at this issue, and the difficult thing to imagine is the funding to pay for these airline tickets.  A Frankfurt to Baghdad trip (round-trip) runs around 650 Euro.  Frankfurt to Asmara runs around 1,300 Euro.  Frankfurt to Mogadishu? Near 1,200 Euro.

Most aren't making great wages in Germany, so it's curious where a couple might find 2,000 Euro for the airline tickets?  If you were on some kind of welfare funding, there simply isn't enough money there for some expense like this.  Most Germans on Hartz IV funding will tell you that it's hard to just find the money for school supplies or clothing.

Some change to occur where the authorities track this type of travel?  I seriously doubt it.  It's simply opening up another door where more questions get asked and the answers probably aren't what you want to hear about.

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