Tuesday, June 6, 2017

German News Tuesday Evening

 Bavaria Asylum murder clean-up:  Cops are telling the rest of the story from the Saturday stabbing death of the Russian kid in the Bavaria refugee center by the 41 year old Afghan guy.  The Afghan guy was shot as the cops arrived and tried to calm him down....but the guy would not put the knife down.  In the end, the German cop fired 8 rounds (so the press says).  I'm puzzled by the number required and assume at close range....the cop didn't miss the guy.  So, this guy came into Germany around 2008, when he was going to be deported....burning up a building.  He goes off for 5 years and 10 months of prison.  He comes out around 2015, and is going to be put up for deportation review (what you would expect).  But he surprises the Germans.....he converted to Christianity.  The Germans go into a long pause.  Sending a converted-Muslim guy back to Afghanistan is probably something you want to avoid, but this prison thing and arson episode worry them.  This brought a comment by the Interior Minister of Bavaria, who kinda said in a professional way.....maybe there ought to be some audit or review of converted-Muslims-to-Christians and just really confirm they aren't....well....faking it.  I would question how you'd make up a test like this (I'd take a guess that a quarter of all German Christians might fail such a test themselves). At this point, most of the mystery is wrapped up and few questions remain.

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