Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Two Naive Groups in Germany

This week, a riot broke out at a 'junior-college' in Nuremberg.  What can be said is that the local cops were issued a pick-up and deport order by the court.  They didn't do a lot of planning or thinking....just receiving the order and then going in a fair-sized group (probably more than ten in the original plan, and probably another thirty arriving later after the riot started).  So they arrive at this 'junior-college' to pick up a failed Afghani applicant, who was attending classes there.  Nothing much in the German news media talks about the guy, his application, or the reason for failure.

What the story basically hinges on now is the reaction at the school.  These are mostly 16-to-20 year old kids and they ganged up on the prevent them from apprehending the Afghan guy.  You can view the tape, but they went out of their way to hinder the apprehension.  Several were arrested, and based on the newer laws put into effect in the last year....they will have to go in front of a judge who can probably put them into jail for several months.  My guess is that each will have go beg for some lenient form of help, and be put on several years of probation to make the situation go away.

You can view the tape here.....rough two minutes loaded up on YouTube.

So, here is the discussion and the two naive people who sit in the midst of this.

When all this open-door business started in Germany in 2013....there was a requirement for paperwork to be filled out and applicants (anyone who walked across the border) to be reviewed.  You had to fill it had to sign had to agree that if you failed the visa application, then you'd be deported later.

Lots of people thought this was a guaranteed deal.  The paperwork was just a formal thing. in the past year....the paperwork and application process have hit the maximum point, and well over 200,000 individuals today in Germany have a process letter which says they failed the application.  Some are challenging it....some have simply disappeared into the German landscape.

Behind all this friendly German open-door business....was a process.  If you had a craft, a degree, or something to show for a threat in your got a pass-entry to stay.  If you didn't fit those got a deport note somewhere down the line.

Unfair?  A Syrian or Iraqi has probably three times the likelihood of getting a permanent visa...compared to a Afghani.  If you compared the government's own numbers....the Syrian has a 90-percent chance....compared to a Tunisian guy who might have five to ten percent chance.  Did the Germans tell them that when they walked in the front-door?  It had to be mentioned that a process existed and failed applicants would be deported.

So, I come to the second naive group.....the pro-asylum and pro-immigration Germans.  They also felt that it was near a 100-percent approval process.  Never once did they face reality.  Social-justice warriors are now all frustrated and angry that failed applicants are actually removed from Germany.

Why did the Afghan guy fail?  Unknown.  Maybe he gave false information.  Maybe it's a false ID.  Maybe he's got a crime or two that he left out of the submission package.  Maybe he's got some jihad-friends.  The things just don't know.  Maybe it's just the fact that he has no skill, craft, or degree to offer Germany.

What gets me the most about this is the cops on this deportation order.  They could have picked a location between the school and the apartment that he lives in, and just grabbed him on an open street.  Instead, they picked the school itself and almost wanted a confrontation to occur.  In terms of planning....I give them a zero on the method used.

If one looks back over the past three years and all the incompetence demonstrated within the government (from Berlin down) has to amaze people that bad decisions simply open the next door for bad reactions, and continued bad decisions to follow.

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