Friday, June 16, 2017

Travel Observation

There's a new schedule coming out for railway travel in Germany for the end of the year.

A good example of change is the new route from Munich to Berlin.  This railway travel deal used to take six hours aboard ICE.

With the new route?  It's just at the four-hour point used to be a full six hours.

How?  They spent several years working on a new path, with better lines, and the innovation will be seen as the new track opens in the late fall.

If you were going to fly the same route?  It's roughly 65 minutes in the two hours figured into the baggage game, security and waiting for boarding.  Toss in the hour getting to or from the you could be talking about four hours for the aircraft trip to work.  Now?  The railway link is virtually the same deal....with no security games....or waiting for boarding.

The cost factor of the flight?  One-way is typically 105 Euro for the direct flights.  Presently on the railway trips.....with the special discount might be able to get the one-way rail-way ticket (2nd-class) for 39-odd Euro.

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