Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dual-Citizen Story

We are into the BREXIT period now.....with some Britians fairly worried about their future.  I noticed in BR (Bavarian public TV) that there are some Brits signing up for a German passport.

Presently, you can have dual-citizenship within Germany (don't ask the logic, even Germans are negative now about this feature of their law).

BR notes that back in 2015.....only forty folks signed up in Bavaria for Brit-to-German citizenship/passports.  This year (2017, only half-way through the year).....Bavaria has 250 Brits who've come to sign up for the deal.

How long does it take?  Well.....that's the curious part to me.  Nine months.  You can figure there's the language part, the national studies part, and an investigation into your background.

Oh, and there's odd part of German bureaucracy.....an 86-page questionnaire.  That's a bit more than the visa-application which typically gets up to around 20 pages.

My guess is that the numbers will dramatically increase over the second half of 2017, and maybe even double-up again into 2018.  BREXIT officially concludes in the spring of 2019.  Its anyone's guess how many will have the dual citizenship deal by that point.

How long does the dual-citizenship game last in Germany?  This topic occasionally comes up and in the past year....I'd say that the tide of support has shifted....mostly because of the Turkey episode.  I doubt if the Bundestag will change the law in the next two or three years, but if you asked me about the chances of the dual-citizenship thing still being in effect around 2027?  I'd probably say no.  What happens to the dual Brits at that point?  Unknown.

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