Wednesday, June 21, 2017

German News, Wednesday Morning

Terrorist taken down in Brussels:  Basically, one single guy (unknown ID at this point) attempted some bomb situation near the central railway station.  Belgium troops were in the area....reacted....and ended up shooting the guy.  One single explosion one hurt from that.  It appears that a second explosive was set up but halted (guy was wearing some kind of explosive belt or vest).  More likely to come out this morning over the individual and the act.

Le Pen calling on Le Pen to resign:  Basically, dad wants daughter to quit/resign/leave.  Marine has pushed 'dad' out of most of the party and there is some hostility brewing.

Calais crowd back:  Last year, the French authorities finally made the decision to clear out the migrant camps around Calais, France.  Everyone was told to vacate, and the tent-city was torn down.  Well....they returned.  A blockade of the autobahn area occurred with tree trunks put in the middle of the road....two trucks slammed on the brakes, and a third truck ran into the back of the first two.  That driver is dead.  Cops came.....apprehended nine Eritreans.  Charges undefined at this point.  One can assume that each played some part in moving the tree trunks and causing the accident.  Why Calais is a magnet for the migrants?  There is some small hope that they can climb onto trucks there....manage to avoid detection and then finally make it to 'paradise' (the United Kingdom) the truck is loaded onto the train and goes to the coast of the UK under the Channel.  Why not make France their home?  This is something that journalists rarely guess is that better benefits exist in the UK.

2nd Christening discussed:  Some Church of England authority has said that if you go and have a transgender situation, and a name-change.....then you need to get a second christening.  Its a curious episode.....making you think that christening number one is no longer valid.  If the transgender individual does a second transgender operation and reverts back? one has brought this up yet, but you might need a third christening as well. And if they desire to revert back to the other situation again?  Well....a fourth christening as well.  One gets the opinion that Church of England guys sit around and try to drum up business.

Poll Shift:  I noted with a RTL-Stern poll situation....a pretty negative situation with the SPD.  They rest now at 23-percent.  The Merkel/CDU crowd?  39-percent.  The Linke Party sits at 10-percent, with the Greens and FDP splitting 8-percent each.  AfD is now at 7-percent.  If the trend is true?  Schulz has done mostly nothing to help the party, and one might wonder about this coalition business more.  A CDU win at 39-percent, and FDP win at 8-percent.....doesn't give them enough.  They would have to partner up with another group.  My humble guess is that a CDU-SPD coalition might still occur in the end.

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