Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Technology Coming

I was reading through RBB (the Berlin regional network news) this morning and there's this short piece on new technology.

The federal cops of Germany have been pursuing a face-detection software package, and are ready to test the process.  It would combine video-cameras and ID people as they walk through an area (say a subway or city-park).

So, they needed test-subjects....300 of them. Apparently, they didn't have any trouble in finding volunteers.  The test area?  The Sudkreuz railway area....just next to the Tempelhof Airfield.

The general procedure is that you have some barometric pictures loaded up and the system ties itself into the video cameras of the railway area.  Each time one of the 300 identifies them and notes the time.

A page out of 'Person of Interest'?  To some degree, yes.

Some people think that the technology will rapidly develop and be fairly common at every railway station in Germany in the next decade, and along the streets of metropolitan areas. Privacy-minded people?  They hype this as negative and are attempting to delay the deployment of the technology. Various political groups are discussing the pro and con situation over this.

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