Saturday, June 3, 2017

Eight Odd Pieces of the Paris Accords

After reading a fair bit...even the Accord itself, I've come to eight curious pieces and parts of the episode.

1.  India, to be cooperative and full-partner of the itself into a great receiver of foreign capital, in order to participate with the west in this remarkable document.  As part of their agreement, to get the capital....they had to agree to agree to limiting their coal production by 2020 to double of what it is today (DOUBLE), and be allowed to build at least another hundred minimum coal-powered electrical plants.

2.  Most all of Europe agreed to continue building coal-powered electrical plants.

3.  A clever statement was written into the Paris Accord which says that 'clean' coal operations in the US would basically come to an end.  The 'clean' coal rule doesn't appear to mention any other participant other than the US.

4..  A fund had to be created and maintained by big economic powers of the world....which meant billions in US dollars each year, would flow into this fund....referred to as the 'Green Climate Fund' and flow out to lesser countries.  Nothing within this fund suggests that your success or failure matters....only your 'poor' status.  In effect, a wealth redistribution vehicle.  If anyone wants to discuss or argue about this topic with the fund and how shuffles around, and some middle guy is the one who makes these decisions.

5.  Full compliance and full success with this Accord?  It leads to one remarkable result.....83 years from now....we will lessen the heat impact by .2 degree (C).  That's two-tenths of one single degree.  If you did the math over the 83 year deal.....trillions of dollars involved in this, and the result is .2 degrees?   Quiet remarkable.

6.  The loss on US jobs?  The economic folks vary on this, and it's best to let them estimate it instead of climate people figuring job losses.  The least amount of industrial jobs over the next decade was 250,000 jobs.....the most was near 500,000 jobs. Of course, a member of the Accords team would say that green jobs would replace these....however, since 2012....most economic experts from Europe and the US grin and comment that green jobs was a bogus topic and mostly a myth. Added to this number....if you threw in coal-jobs and the rest....then it's around two-million-plus jobs lost within a decade after implementation.

7.  Oddly, there's no limit effect on China, for 13 years.  Yes, limit effects immediately upon the US....but none on China?  Who wrote that deal into the Accord?

8.  If you read between the lines....this Green Climate Fund....will go around 2020 to roughly 450 billion dollars from the main players of the economic world.  Your tax dollars?  It'd go into a pot and once a year get distributed to another lesser country.  What did the fund have to do with climate or fixing climate?  You get the impression....nothing.  What happens by 2030....increases to the fund. If you look down in 25 years....I'd take a guess that the fund would be near a trillion dollars a year in wealth redistribution.

The Accord has this remarkable feature of being very little about pollution, cleaning up of the air or rivers, and mostly about wealth redistribution.

One could have found some great technology idea that would have cleaned the output from coal-power-plants, and then some fund to help pay from the richer nations to the lesser a matter of five years, and done a lot on coal pollution.  Oddly, this was not a piece that they wanted to discuss.

It's like economic experts wrote the Accord....not pollution experts.  You only get one key feature out of the Accord.....wealth redistribution.

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