Sunday, June 18, 2017

The PEW Report

I sat this morning and read through a PEW report.  They typically go out and poll folks to find out general feelings.  The question Europe, do you want the EU or your own government, to handle migration or asylum laws/procedures?

It's an interesting topic.  Nation by was overwhelmingly for the state government and NOT the EU.

For Germany, you could only find 23-percent of the public who felt that the EU should run the migration situation.  Over three-quarters of the people polled felt that the German government itself should be responsible for management and laws.

Over the past three years, if you watched German public TV.....the EU was often portrayed as the better manager of migration.  The reason given?  You were often left with the answer that only the EU could deliver a 'fair' judgement and sound reasoning.  Beyond that, it was a mystery answer.

From the poll....Hungary had the least number of people in favor of a EU leadership position on migration (9-percent for the EU).

I sat last year and read over a EU story where they were hyping up that Poland, Hungary and several eastern European countries needed to just accept the EU quota numbers.  The response that typically came back was that these countries hadn't signed up for a quota deal, and they wanted a complete review of every single person coming into the country....meaning that out of 5,000 migrants that the EU wanted to truck into the country....only a couple of hundred might be accepted (mostly because they had a safe history, educational background to be an asset, etc).  The EU didn't want that type of review.....they just wanted the group to be accepted without any questions.

What the PEW report delivers is a fairly safe to accept political warning that any political parties that want to sign up for EU regulation and management over'll be a negative to the general public.

The shocker for a lot of immigration folks and migrants in Germany over the past four that they all thought that the visa-deal was simple and they were going to be just accepted after walking or hiking 1,500 miles to reach Germany.  Then, the German bureaucrat brought out the paperwork, and there was this little speech about a review.  Even now, with millions of pro-immigrant Germans walking around and all hyped up.....there is a surprise when it's noted that people fail the visa application and are put on a deportee listing.

Nothing about the German program is understandable....not just for a migrant, but for a German himself.  You could have 100 migrants hand over the paperwork, and dozens are approved for various reasons and dozens are disapproved for various reasons.

I doubt if the German news media will mention the PEW report much.  It's a burden upon them to explain why the public feels this way.

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