Friday, June 16, 2017

Hamburg Trip

I spent the past week in Hamburg, which is typically not one of the top dozen cities that tourists would run off to (Bavaria has five or six cities in the dozen).

It is a 'Hansa-state' which is a phrase that few non-Germans grasp.  Around 900 years started to bloom up along the coast region of Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, and Poland.  This 'Hansa-region' went into turbo drive over the next 400 years and it's safe to say that they traded on a scale that few had seen anywhere in the world.

If you walk around Hamburg today, the harbor is the chief component of the city, and no matter where you go in the town.....there's tons of money spent on infrastructure, commerce, and life-styles.  Within the inner circle of the city, there's no such thing as affordable housing.

On the 'liveable' index, you would have to rate the city near the top of world cities because of recreation, infrastructure, education, and dynamics.

I'll probably write three essays over the city in the next day or two.

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