Friday, June 23, 2017

This Exploding Freezer Story

This freezer explosion which set off the London tower fire....had me kinda curious.  Having never heard of freezers exploding....I set this morning to do some research.

Explosion in 2016, new freezer.

2009 episode in England.  This was a new environmentally-friendly freezer. The coolant was blamed in this episode.....propane was starting to be used as the 'friendly-mixture'.

2015 episode killed a bride-to-be.  Flames engulfed the house.

2009 episode left the house looking like a bomb site.    Environmentally friendly coolant?

BBC reports this back to 2007.  Environmentally friendly coolant.

This apparently has occurred, although not at huge numbers.  Fear of this environmentally-friendly situation?  I would take a guess that the public will ask the question....across all of Europe, and you might see a reversal to the older style coolant....rather quickly, as people dump their dangerous freezer units.

Added note:  You have to look at the amazing combination in this tower episode.  A freezer unit which blows up at a building where the cladding was done.

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