Friday, June 9, 2017

Curious Aspect of British Election

I sat and watched several news shows yesterday which talked over the British election from this week.  One curious thing came out of the election and was not expected.

Numbers say that in several districts which were always considered conservative-win areas....the youth vote came out in massive numbers, and you can attribute the 29 seats in Parliament that the Labour Party won.....being a calculated push on youth enthusiasm.

Leftover revenge from the BREXIT vote?  Well, this got brought up by several folks.  Some numbers indicate that from the BREXIT vote last year.....some youth votes were missing (people just didn't go an vote).  Maybe they wised up over the past year.

Ability for the German SPD Party to take advantage and use the same scheme?  So far, you don't see the youth of Germany hyped up in this election....for anyone.

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