Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to Irk Folks Real Quick

I noted in the news this morning....from Focus....the Green Party representatives at the EU stood up and suggested for 'large' immigrant groups (asylum, refugee, etc) to be sent as groups into eastern Europe.

The topic in question was to take an entire village from Syria, and move them into Latvia.  Why Latvia?  That really isn't explained by Focus, or the Green Party official.  Why not Bitburg, Germany?  Or Bitch, France?

The suggestion here.....without any real research or thought process is that integration would occur in an easier fashion.  If you were to ask me.....integration would likely occur at a quarter-speed or less than what you have presently.

You would end up with a significant group who blends more into being whatever nationality they were originally and not so much into the new land.

At the heart of this talk on the idea.....the Green enthusiasm was that states who were not accepting of this idea....should be 'compelled'.  One might ask if the state might also put pressure on the EU, and 'compel' them to work in another way.

How this all comes up?  Well....there is a EU summit this weekend, and one of the chief topics is the handling of refugees.  At the heart of the matter is the increasing number of people being rescued in the Med and dragged off to Italian coastal areas or islands, and the necessity of the EU to find some long-term solution.

The EU goal?  They'd like to find a way to force the 27 members (without the UK) to just accept a quota deal.   Presently, I'd take a fair guess that at least five states are very much against the quota, and another ten might accept a quota if it's very limited and they can review the candidates in question (something that the EU probably doesn't want to see happen).

A bigger mess coming?  Trying to force this issue might ignite another exit rally in several EU member states, and it makes the BREXIT episode now seem as an opening round.

My humble guess is that several leaders from the individual states will present their case that the EU idea on quotas will have to be fairly limited....with less than 100,000 total residents being in acceptance quota group.  If you look at the yearly tally.....you could be talking about 500,000 to one-million people arriving in the EU.  The EU bosses who have pushed on acceptance will then stand there in some moment of reality, and realize there's a fairy big mess laying there and they can't resolve it.

As for the idea of having whole villages from Syria just move into Latvia, or France, or Germany?  Forget it.  It's an idea which has zero potential to be accepted.

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