Friday, June 9, 2017

German News, Friday Evening

Lobbyists in Germany:  N-TV came out with a report that put the current number of lobbyists in Berlin who have access to the Bundestag at 1103 'house-passes' that exist.  It continues to be a topic which the news media brings up and highlights.

351:  N-TV put out an interesting piece.....there are 351 arrest-warrants out there in the German public for Islamic individuals who are desired by the court system.  The problem one knows where the individuals are.  Maybe they've left the country.....maybe they've gone underground.  It's a curious number.  So one might think they are all terrorists....but no, they aren't.  Some are wanted for drug offenses....some for assault....some for robbery.

Green spiral:  Last night, via ZDF (Channel Two from public German TV), there was a late-night chat forum.  They brought on the head figure of the German Green Party and discussed their political platform (10 points).  The moderator went at the Green representative and focused on what is a fairly complicated, wordy, and generalized platform.  At some point, he comes right out to suggest "no one understands this", and drives home the general problem area of the Green Party today...which is out of focus with the general public and not getting any real attention in this election.  It'll likely be the lowest turn-out for votes for them in three decades.

Lambretta return:  A long time ago....just after WW Italian company started up a motor-scooter company....Lambretta.  Throughout the 1950s and through most of the 1960s....these were legendary scooters in southern Europe and even made their way into West Germany.  Around the early 70s....something occurred and the company went into bankruptcy (1972).  Some Indians arrived and bought the production equipment and shifted some production back to India (the three-wheeler vehicles were their desire).  Some Austrians have now worked up a new deal to use the Lambretta name, and intend to produce the Lambretta scooter.  Actual production location?  Taiwan.  If you were looking around for a unique scooter, with some history tied to it....later this year in Germany, you might start to see the Lambretta around.

Hidden aspects on electrical cars:  Focus wrote up a four-star piece on the coming electrical car age, with two significant factors which people rarely talk about.  One is the larger amount of electrical grid requirements, which will bring MORE cost to the consumer.  Right now, Germans pay near 29 cents per kWh....nearly highest in Europe (Czech pays only 12 cents).  No one is guessing the hike down in a decade but if they force the electrical car issue to occur, a humble guess of 39 cents would be likely (my guess).  The second interesting factor is that loss of gas taxes.  You'd have to make up the loss, and it might mean even more taxation on electricity (maybe that 39 cent guess of mine should be pushed 45 cents).  Go suggest this to a German and see how peppy they get.

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