Monday, June 5, 2017

German News and Bits (Monday Morning)

Politics leaning toward a new immigration law: Over the past two's been hyped up over public sentiment for the Afghans and the deportation orders standing there.  For a while....the Berlin folks had finally awaken and were pro-active on deporting all failed asylum folks.  Thanks to the news media and bombing reports of the past two the trend is toward some type of law that reverse the deportation business or stall it for a while.  The one issue I can see coming out of this is that a lot of immigrants NOT from Afghanistan but on a deportation list....will see this as a one-sided thing and not helping them out.  Fairness isn't something you can get out of this whole thing.

Massive security required:  To make the Manchester charity concert work yesterday.....if you watched the Sky coverage and BBC took a massive amount of security (ring of steel was uttered often).  Most coverage was hyped up and positive.  It should be noted that Manchester is a fairly unique city....without any glitter, artsy culture, or opera-like's a town of working class people.

Two dead at German asylum center:  What the local folks in Bavaria say out of that the cops got called around 5PM on Saturday.  They arrived and had a confrontation.  Afghan guy (early 40s) in a confrontation with a knife, against some Russian gal (mid 40s) with two kids.  One kid had been stabbed and it appears that the woman had some kind of wound at that point.  The kid ended up dead.  Cops gave a warning to the guy....he didn't react the way you'd expect, and they shot him.  So two dead.  Why? Unknown.  The Germans hyped up three years ago that they had learned to properly match up different cultures within their centers to avoid social conflict.  Maybe some argument came up between the Russian woman and the Afghanistan guy.  One factor which is not mentioned by anyone is that this occurred in late afternoon on a Ramadan if the guy was a Muslim (no one says he is)....he might have been fairly dehydrated and not in full control of his senses.  One can imagine the cops spending a month trying to get some final report out of the limited information available.

Murder closure:  It took an enormous amount of work, and SWR tells part of the story here.   German cops put a ton of effort into solving this case from November of 2016 in Endingen.  Romanian truck driver is ID'ed and DNA helped in solving this case. Guy is said to be a suspect in a second murder in Austria as well.

Sunday sales:  If you live in are quiet aware that Sunday open stores are an awful limited thing.  Down in Baden-Wuerttemberg, there was a request to have more than the 3 Sundays a year to open.  Typically, the rule is that you open only at noon, and normally close at 4PM.  Big stores in urban areas like the option and make a fair amount of money.  So, there was a push to add another day or two.....and it appears that failed to make the political folks happy.  A lot of the smaller towns and operations don't use the rule.

Increasing number of drop-outs in Fachhoch Schools:  Actually a great in-depth story told by BR (Bavarian public TV) over increasing number of German student who reach a stage in their university path, and just quit.  Around one-third of students who start out.....will drop out before graduation.  Lots of different reasons.  One group in the mix are the computer science 'geeks', who probably find employment and have little desire to complete another year or two of school.  Worth a read.

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