Saturday, June 24, 2017

'Friends Don't Spy on Friends'

It was a good quote in the German press from 2013...after discovering that the NSA folks had various Germans that they were spying upon.  Everyone was hyped and negative about this terrible thing that the Americans were doing.

Well....Spiegel (the German news magazine) came out yesterday and said....The German BND (NSA/CIA operation) has around 4,000 American political and business folks or numbers covered.  This was reported by the British Daily Mail.

White House?  Yep, covered.  NASA?  Yep, covered.  Even the group....Human Rights Watch, covered.

Explanation via Merkel?  In an election campaign?  No, I wouldn't expect a single comment to occur.  She can't utter the phrase famous from 2013.....friends don't spy on friends.

Who gave Spiegel the information?  That would be a curious thing to ask.  The odds that most of the Senators are on this list?  It wouldn't surprise me if a dozen Senators were listed.  The report even suggested various business leaders were also under surveillance.  News reporters from the Washington Post and New York Times?  They weren't mentioned but it wouldn't surprise me if several were listed.

If you were of the naive group of Germans and all hyped up in 2013 to be anti-American because of the NSA spying?  Now?  You might owe a beer or two to the American you spewed all your 'friends don't spy on friends' routine upon.

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