Wednesday, August 2, 2017

This Schizophrenia Topic

At some point in 2015 in Germany, we had a religious-theme (jihad) attack in Germany, and the authorities came to say that mental illness was at play (not so much Islam or terrorism). At the time, I felt this opened a pretty wide door....because for that one single attack....if you started to use the phrase 'mental illness' to describe these meant you'd have to go and remove individuals who fell into this category from freely walking around..

This past week, from the episode in Hamburg....the cops have come to identify this gentleman has also having mental issues.  They haven't uttered schizophrenia yet....but I think they are fairly close to saying he was affected by this.

What is the trigger mechanism to schizophrenia?  Generally, the experts will say that there are three ways of starting a trail down toward schizophrenia.

1.  Intense stress. A good example is 'Joe' packed up and left his home country of twenty years and moved to a totally different land.

2.  Emotional issues which can't be resolved.  A good example would be a failed relationship, a failed marriage, or a lifestyle which cannot be obtained.

3.  Awkward experiences of an extreme variety.  An example here would be you work in a company for years and have a male boss.....then one suddenly have a female boss, which you really can't trust or work with.

How do you handle these types of trails leading to schizophrenia?  You could avoid the mental health routine and seek one of two simple alternate solutions: using religion to reassure yourself, or self-medicate (meaning marijuana, cocaine, or any of a dozen drugs).

In the case of either alternate solution.....the emotional issues and bad stress would just continue on, and you'd rely upon your medication idea or religion situation to keep you going.  At some point, the medication or religion would become part of a bigger problem than the schizophrenia.  In a way, you'd mask the schizophrenia issue with bigger issues.

Looking at the German observation of mental disease being a part of this bold new threat facing society.....the question is....what exactly do you want to do about this?

Just to have some journalist, intellectual or political figure stand and chat over this....would be very uncomfortable because you are suggesting a fair number in society are suffering from schizophrenia (not just migrants or immigrants).  You'd also bring into the discussion the whole idea of moving into a new land or being an emotional issue which requires visits to some mental health clinic.  Go and try to suggest this to most guests of Germany.

Two years ago, I would have laughed over this angle that the Germans have brought up.  At this point, they may have a point but it'll be impossible to resolve this matter.

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