Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Wiesbaden Story

People tend to think of Wiesbaden as a quiet town....almost no crime....and very peaceful.  We had one of those events to occur on Thursday afternoon which kinda brings people back to reality....that things aren't that peaceful, quiet or non-violent.

Cops note that at some point in the late afternoon.....some guy in his late 30's started to act in a violent way near the Lusenplatz Square.  This is the primary bus station in town for everyone who wants to board and go out of town to any of the 'burbs'.

The guy got violent.....kicking the ticket machine and then going to hit or kick some guy just standing there and waiting for a bus.

Locals reacted quickly....called the cops and they were on the Square in a matter of a couple of minutes.  So they approached the guy.

Cops note at this point as they simply tried to ID him and have a friendly chat....he went into a massive aggressive attitude....showing anger and trying to flee.  German cops have one edge that I've come to note over the past decade....they are actually in good shape and can probably accomplish a three-kilometer run with no problem.  So, they chased the guy.  As they caught up with him....he resisted, and then they used pepper spray.

As the cops went over the guy (subdued as he was).....narcotics were in his pockets.

They'd like to find the guy who got banged around at the Square by this nut but so leads.  If they had the victim of the attack.....they'd be able to walk into court....throw another charge onto the guy and put him into some program.  Presently, without that victim.....I suspect that the court will just let the guy go with some stern warning.

So, I turn back to this Square....the Luisenplatz Square.  I pass by this area at least once a day to get back to my village..  It's a historical part of Wiesbaden.  It has a monument related to the Waterloo episode and to a local Wiesbaden brigade in WW I.

On any given day between 9AM and 4PM, there's probably fifty guys and gals out there....sipping beer and going through their drug rehab episode from heroin or whatever.  It's a public park.....maybe 100 meters by 200 meters.

It's become a joke in some ways.  As for this bus station remaining there?  I question how long the public will go along with this unless there's a full-time cop standing there and patrolling the area.  In five years, it wouldn't surprise me that they have to move the station to some other point in town for people to feel safe.

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