Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Real Spy Accusation Story

The German weekend news has a good bit of Spiegel coverage over the allegation of the German intelligence service....the BND....targeting foreign countries, and also targeting NGOs (Non-Government Organizations).

NGOs referred to in this news item?  Oxfam, Care International, and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Naturally, you'd sit there for a long while and pause over these three organizations.  All are international....all are labeled charity type functions.....all will claim wonderful things done in the name of their organization.

So, why would you bother spying on them?  The Spiegel folks don't really engage upon this.  Neither do any of the twenty-odd news media organizations who picked up the story and simply told the first part of the story.

Oxfam over the past decade has gotten into legal issues and sent lawyers to use court action against various governments.  They used the cover of a charity to challenge state authority at various levels.  This politicized advocacy effort challenges the normal view of a nice and humble charity operation that most people would typically view.

Care International?  There are a host of issues that Care gets into....women's rights, security and peace, climate change, challenges to governments via their court systems, etc.  They also acted as a politicized advocacy operation.....going beyond the typical average view of a nice and humble charity operation that people would view.

The International Committee of the Red Cross?  If you go and do a Google search, this is an organization with literally hundreds of negative slams by various journalists, charity enthusiasts, and bloggers.  If you bring up Haiti....the 'black hole' of accountability rises....where tons of money just went into something but no one is sure for what purpose or even what 'hole'.  It almost appears like a money-laundering operation but surely, they would not be that stupid or corrupt.

All of this draws attention of various governments.....obviously including the Germans.

The effort by some German news media enthusiasts to get all hyper and demand answers why the BND would spy on some charities?'s really the second question that is curious....what are the charities deserve spying?  If you knew that question and answer.....the first question isn't necessary to ask.

Maybe the Linke Party and Greens can fumble this around for weeks and weeks of political coverage and forum chat projects....demanding answers which they'd have to quickly cover up because you really don't want the public suspecting charity operations as some foundation-operation working like James Bond's evil threat SMERSH....threatening states and societies while grinning as a friendly charity operation.  

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