Monday, November 16, 2015

That Bavarian Gun-Runner Episode

If you go and read Bavarian news.....this guy (the Montenegro guy) who got caught A8 near Rosenheim with the AK-47s in the car.....has yet to have any Muslim connection made.

Cops say that nothing from the cops back in Montenegro has him connected.

The GPS item left on the gadget indicating a trip planned for Paris?  He has talked to some minor degree and just says he was going in the future to see the Eiffel Tower, period, end of story.

Charges?  The state prosecutor is involved and weapons charges will stick.  Subversive violence will be attached and this guy might be looking for a decade in jail if they go for the maximum.  I'm guessing they'd like for him to just point a finger at someone....either in the mafia or the gun-runner trade, and they'd lessen this to just a year in jail.

It may be.....the guy had some middle-guy lined up and the middle-guy was going to sell to some Islamic group, and this Montenegro guy knows nothing of the end-customer.

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