Tuesday, November 17, 2015

American Arms Hotel in Wiesbaden

Down on Frankfurter Strasse in Wiesbaden....was the old American Arms Hotel....used by the US Army up until five years ago (approximately).

The facility went through the turn-over process and a planning process with the city, and has now ended up as a refugee center.  Based on comments in the local news, they've prepared it for occupancy starting in the middle of December.

The original discussion....if you go back two years ago, was that it'd be likely turned into student housing.  That came and went.....because of the immigration crisis.

Negativity with the local residents?  Yet to be seen but it'll depend on issues or problems are created by the residents of the facility.  Things might go smooth and people aren't even noticed at the old hotel.

Long term usage?  Unknown.  I suspect as we go forward....in three to five years....this crisis period will eventually come to an end, and the city will revisit the usage or needs of the building.  To meet this refugee usage.....other than pushing furniture into the building, I don't think much of anything else was done.  Although I noticed last week....some water works business was going on in the front of the building (on the street).  Considering the fact that the Army hadn't done much renovation over the previous decade prior to closure.....it might be in some need of work.

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