Saturday, November 14, 2015

Words over Paris

Those awakening this morning in Germany will find their attention glued to the Paris massacre of last evening. At least a hundred-fifty people are dead....scores injured.....the city in chaos.....and emotional trauma that will take eternity to heal.

There's not that many words or statements that one can make.  You look at the hear French people discussing the unbelievable nature of the attack.  Muslim people will split themselves between those who condemn it and those who condone it.

The French Army has been activated and there are hundreds if not thousands.....of French soldiers patrolling various villages, towns, and cities across France today.

I will make three simple observations.

First, the behavior here is of 7th century thugs, with some prophet lecture and tirade which worked fine in the 7th century, but it's destructive and corrupt in 2015.  It requires naive men and women with no hope, no future, no morals, and no carry out some agenda that God cannot apparently utter....but some vile mortal men can gab upon.

Second, there is no relief.  Within days, weeks or months.....another attack will come on French soil and test French resolve.  There is no method to kill the beast, slay the dragon, tame the serpent, to defeat faceless men, or halt insane behavior.  If there was....we would have already used that method..

Third, oddly after each attack....someone always comes out to remind the public that Islam is the religion of peace.  It's happened so often that people almost grin when they hear the phrase.  By Monday night, I expect some German political forum to come up, and some nitwit to utter the phrase once again.  It'd be nice if someone in the audience of the show would just get up and walk out, and the rest of the audience and the panel participants followed suit....with just the moderator and the religion of peace guy left standing there on the stage.

I sat for a while this morning reading the commentary that someone put up.....saying the Americans are the chief ones at fault.  It was the often-repeated intellectual argument to just about anything bad that happens these days.

If you wanted to assign comes down to some words written 1,400 years ago and the words keep being read and interpreted as a violent means to reach a conclusion.  Without violence, an end cannot be reached, and this is preached over and over to a crowd without much hope in life.

We are all French in some way, and suffer as they do.

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