Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Unregistered?

On Monday evening....I sat and watched a news conference with the German vice-chancellor....Sigmar Gabriel (SPD).  He's generally a guy who is competent and says whats on his mind without any fancy words.

He gets to this point....noting that roughly forty to fifty percent of all refugees in Germany today....are NOT registered. I sat there and pondered upon this.  It didn't make any sense.  He wouldn't say this....unless evidence demonstrated it.  The news folks at the time....just let it go and didn't say nothing much.

So Tuesday evening comes and there's some details.

The BAMF folks (who handle all immigrants) simply say that it's impossible to register everyone at the border.  You might have ten-thousand who show up in Bavaria today, and amid the chaos and developing situation....maybe half of them get registered and maybe half of them don't.  They all get tossed onto buses and sent to some camp where there is a bunk and a hot meal.  Fresh clothing will be provided, a shower, and a chance to rest.....before being shuttled onto the next camp.

Then the BAMF guy says this odd thing....those who don't want to be registered....won't be.

You can't really be in Germany unless you are a German (with papers), a EU-member (with papers), or a foreigner (with a visa).  So the BAMF guy admits that there is some fourth category which they've allowed to develop which is the undocumented guy who doesn't want documentation or the mere chance for documentation.  In essence, it's the just walk around and be illegally in the country and we pretend we won't notice you.

In the real can't work or open a bank account or register a car....without some proof of residency.  In this 'fantasy-Germany''s entertaining to imagine no papers and Germans just accepting this.

All of this lead to one summation comment by the BAMF guy at the end of this discussion....they need more administrative help.  Why they can't hire out-of-work single mothers or some folks on the unemployment list begs more questions, but I guess I'm being too logical about this.

I'm guessing that after the refugee guy has gotten to the semi-permanent camp....he kinda walks around to Host Huns, and in some question and answer situation....asks Huns about his status.  Huns asks the guy for his papers and then discovers that he's not registered.  So they visit Deter at the desk and five minutes later....the guy gets registered.  End of the problem.

Could some guy live in a refugee camp for months and months, without detection.....never registering.....just eating from the free chow each day and enjoying the comforts of Germany?  Well....yeah.  I doubt that you get the free pocket-money deal without registration, but if you were some mid-twenties guy with nothing much on your mind and just wanted to hide out for a year or might make sense to just lay low and not worry about complications from such behavior.

Presently, if you asked the various centers for an accurate count of who is there and registered....I would imagine that they'd grin and just say that they aren't absolutely sure.  People come, and people go.

How a German perceives this?  I think most thought that the minute some refugee came into Germany....during that first day of handling....the individual got registered.  They are probably standing there like the vice-chancellor....muttering about how this could go on.....with possibly tens of thousands of refugees in Germany....not just for days but for possibly weeks....being here and unregistered.  In truth, there might be million refugees for 2015 already in the country.....there might even be 1.5 million in the country.....there could even be 2 million in the country.  If they aren't registered, they don't count.

All of this will sharpen public perception for the March elections in 2016.  What bureaucrats and Berlin political players can't fix.....the public will maneuver themselves into the middle of this mess and just start making suggestions and the news media will be pushed beyond the moderation point of control.  It promises to make the run-up to the three state elections a fairly heated event.

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