Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Consequence of Problem-Solving

If you sit and watch through the state-run news media (ARD and ZDF) of Germany, there's this odd conversation over the past couple of days over Paris, ISIS, terror, threats, and the future.

It's difficult for the intellectual geeks, the journalists, and the political folks to sit there and relate some form of calm to the 'storm'.....because you can't really predict where this will conclude.  Nor can you really explain how this jihadist group of guys and gals think in the relative world.  Disconnecting the jihadist group from the regular Muslim group.....then you have to explain group A fits into a round-hole and group B can only fit in a square-hole, and each operates with the same operator's manual.  For the normal German sitting at might as well be nuclear physics because nothing makes much sense.

Huns, the German, will sit there for hours and keep hoping some slow-speaking but witty political guy emerges and carves this up into bit-sized pieces of logic and dictates four easy steps of 'recovery' for the 'bad' guys.  Eventually.....Huns will realize that the normal solution segment that Channel One or Channel Two news media folks prescribe.....doesn't exist and can't exist in this type of 'mad' world.

So you reach this German phenomenon of existence for this problem with five simplistic segments.

First, whatever God these radical guys apparently not the same God as most everyone else.  It'll be hard to explain anything, unless you throw this fact up front and just admit in one big broad swipe....these jihad guys are on some profound religious experience with a pretty cruel, savage, and homicidal deity.

Second, after you generally ask everyone who knows any of these wild characters (from the last decade), you generally have a list of nice comments spoken by friends, relatives and associates.....then they generally note that the guy or gal fits into one of two characteristics.  They either smoke a fair amount of marijuana, or they fit easily into "LOSER" status.

The LOSER status comes up because none of them have real trades, crafts, property ownership, family connections that are important, etc.

The pothead thing?  Well, it's hard to say if it's just a trend, or if it's a end-result of burned-out brain cells.

Third, it's generally laid out with most all of the participants in this group....they've reached some point where they need to get ahead, feel part of some big mass movement, or feel part of some dynamic cause on the verge of something big.  Oddly, there's some entry-ticket into some dead-zone or heaven that comes up with participation in this behavior.

A German usually doesn't want to do something unless there's some ticket or built-in reward at the end.  It's like paying more taxes, and knowing some distribution will occur and the underachievers will get lifted up.  If there was no free ticket or entry deal for the after-life, well, it'd kinda make you ask stupid questions.

Fourth, in an odd can't talk about this conversion that you had in life with anyone who matters.  You are told over and over.....well....those folks just won't understand so it's best to just keep quiet and let them be shocked later.  It's a generally successful brain-washing technique that works as long as the case-worker, brain-washer, or head-dimwit can control your actions.

Fifth and most critical of all the gimmicks here....God can't do nothing, so you need to act in God's big plan and carry out his personal wishes and desires.  Obviously, if you were thinking for just a'd ask why God can't just throw some disease at some crowd, or dream up a meteor to hit the middle of Minneapolis or Wales, or just knock them dead with a plain old vanilla lightning bolt (the kind that always seems to work in the middle of a good five-star storm).

Free-thinking or reflection of the big picture or rationalizing consequences.....the typical German behavior that you'd always expect?'s none existent.  A German would think over a bunch of things in his garage or on the balcony.....ask stupid questions, and eventually tell the imbecile religious instructor that he can't find the logic in those statements.

If these jihadists just stayed off in their own land or area, and just worked on making their place better....Germans really wouldn't care, and things would work to some degree.

But in the case, the German is stuck with some thug-like religious hooligans who can't handle reality, their religion, and certainly don't care about living.  The rest of this story is that the German is also stuck with political figures, intellectuals and journalists that mostly talk, and talk, and talk.  A discussion group usually goes nowhere and the viewer reaches a level where they think they should have watched that Bee Gees special on the ARTE network or watched a pelican documentary on one of the state-run networks.

In the end, the German does the only thing left in his logical mind....he goes out and casts a vote for some radical thug folks of another extreme who will prescribe the rowdy and harsh treatment for the problem.  We could probably write volumes on this solution, but it's the German vision of fixing a problem with the few marginal elements left on the table.



[PART 1 of 2]:

Lol... yes - politicians SUCK at explaining this (or anything for that matter). Here, let me help you out:

We are not waging war against Muslims or Islamic Extremists or w/e; we (the United States and Our Allies) are waging a war against an I.O.S. (an International Organized Syndicate) - I.O.S. is its classification.

I.S.I.S. (or as I like to call them: "the 'International Shitheads'... and they're so fucked up you gotta say it twice, lol") are, just like Al Qaeda, "an International Organized Syndicate which present themselves in the form of 'terrorism' with the most common characteristic being 'Muslims/Islamic'" - that's it. That's all that they are.

And just like any I.O.S.; they seek control over territory/land for the purpose of carrying out/yielding absolute power via their belief system ("Blood In, Blood Out" - "Crip For Life, Crip To The Grave"). And like all I.O.S.s they use violence (extreme violence) as the means to achieve their objective.

Why 'Muslims/Islam'? Because I get to recruit from a billion people, and as long as 2%, 3% are wack-jobs and are willing to take up arms - well, that's still in the millions.

But I.O.S.s based on RELIGION do differ from I.O.S.s based on 'Nationality' ("Not All Italians are in the Mob"). Via RELIGION: I (as the individual/individuals running the organization) just have to memorize some words in some book and I get people so committed to my bullshit that a percentage of them are even willing to blow themselves up for me; and also important: I don't have to pay them large sums of money for their loyalty. Other than I.O.S.s based on RELIGIONS, the only other I.O.S.s with similar 'loyalty behaviors/outcomes' are those based on Ideologies (i.e. 'Marxists Leninists' narratives). But even they don't come with the 'blowing oneself up' aspect.


[PART 2 of 2]:

Only RELIGIONS give up that because only RELIGIONS sell you 'the after-life/heaven/paradise' membership perk (i.e. "Lets go with Jim Jones and drink the Kool-Aid" - "Let's go down to Waco and usher in the second coming of Jesus, bring your guns and watch out for the Zionist N.W.O. F.B.I."). You see, the Columbia Cartels waging war in Miami in the 1980s had all the same senseless acts of mass violence, minus the 'blowing oneself up' aspect (i.e. "shooting up a line outside a nightclub/people sitting outside a restaurant because the Mother Fucker didn't pay up or because he disrespected me").

Now, the purpose of carrying out violent acts in areas outside my 'territory/land' are not for the purpose of 'inciting an internal revolt or destabilization or to attempt to conquer' - no, it's far more pathetic than that; there are three reasons why I carry out a shooting in Paris: 1. Free Advertisement for Recruitment 'we're the biggest baddest Mother Fuckers' 2. Increase Money Donations via sympathizers around the globe 3. The confuse Nation States and waste their time/resources at home instead of focusing on me and where I actually am. Blowing up people in Beirut/Baghdad are different because those locations ARE where I am and I DO SEEK to control them (i.e. "Murder Inc moving into Brooklyn by any means of force while also assassinating the U.S. Federal Agent on vacation in Toronto, Canada").

We're waging war against an I.O.S. - that's it, that's all it is. I know the 'blowing oneself up' aspect is scary/different/hard to process but, so what - it is what it is, citizen. It's a RELIGION thing.. only RELIGIONS make people already mentally unstable even CRAZIER (and in this case, deadlier). The psyche of the individuals that blow themselves up isn't all that different from School Shooters, believe it or not. So, the first, and in many ways only line of defense, is: parents/guardians, family members, and friends/mentors.

Beyond that, THERE ARE NO SOLUTIONS. Human Beings are Human Beings. 50 Years from now, there will be a different type of terrorist movement; maybe a Marxists Hybrid 'R.A.F.' movement, and people can then have more stupid debates about 'is it Capitalism's fault' (is it WHATEVER THE FUCK's fault). There is NO fault - it's called: human beings being human beings. We're a fucked up species, Citizen. There are a percentage of us that are fucked up in the head and do fucked up shit as a result that the rest of society can't understand, and won't ever understand (kinda like pedophiles, but different; they're a many types of 'fucked up shitheads' out of the 7 Billion of our kind on this planet).

Me and my colleagues have explained this over and over again to politicians, and each time they give us/me the eternal look of confusion (because they don't know how to sell it for the purpose of votes: "what language, based on focus groups/studies, will best improve the likely-hood of getting re-elected"). Because for the politician, getting re-elected is the ONLY thing that EVER fucking matters, EVER.

You see, politicians SUCK citizen. They ALL suck; they're all demagogues in my book. The only TRUE POLITICAL LEADER is one that possesses no other ideology other than 'Stoicism' - the act of GETTING SHIT DONE, and not giving a fuck about image and/or poll numbers. But unfortunately, those type of 'leaders' don't exist. Especially not in our (Nation of Workers, Not Thinkers - Dumb/Don't Know Shit Outside America) country, lol. I'm starting to go off on a rant here, sorry. Anyways... I hope the "I.O.S." explanation helps. Have a Nice Day, Citizen.