Saturday, November 14, 2015

That Bavarian Arrest

This Bavaria connection to Paris? may or may not exist.

What the Bavarian cops say is that they stopped a VW Golf for a routine car inspection.  They claim may be such or it may be some intelligence gathered which led them to that car.

The car, on A8 between Salzburg and Munich.....had this fifty-one year old guy from Montenegro.  Within the car engine area were two pistols and a hand grenade. One might suspect that this was a custom's patrol review.....with cops looking for black market smokes which would typically be hid in the engine compartment.

So, the cops took the car over to a station, and did a complete review.  The rest of the car?  Eight AK-47s, ammo for them, several more pistols, and at least 200 grams of TNT.

What the cops say?  Nothing else on the guy says what the weapons were for and he is being very uncooperative.  He has no record and there is no connection yet to any Islam organization.

The odd thing which barely relates him to Paris?  He has Paris noted as a point on his GPS planning.  Once you make such a typically stays there unless you clear.  So he had some plan either in the past or on this visit Paris.

You'd think that he'd want to settle this and clear himself.....but let's be clear here.....he's got weapon charges facing him from Germany and potentially a couple years in prison.  It's best to just stay quiet.  If you were working with the Islamic characters.....your treatment would change overnight, and they'd start to talk more charges.

My perception?  Gun runners are common and this low amount of TNT (less than a pound) wouldn't do much damage unless you just wanted to make a small pipe-bomb.  Maybe he was just delivering to some mafia guy.  Personally, even if you admit some mafia'd be in serious trouble it's best to just keep quiet and refuse to talk.  I have my doubts that the guy is part of the Paris episode.

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I concur with your assessment.

I'll be in Paris tomorrow and will be giving blood (O Type so I always feel obligated).

Stay safe citizen.