Thursday, November 19, 2015

Being Watched

It got brought up by local regional state-run news media here in Hessen, today.....that there are a bunch of folks that the cops are watching.

From the Muslim Salafists?  The state says they have roughly 1,650 folks who they generally watch.

From the right-wing extremists?   There's roughly 500 folks who they generally watch.

From the left-wing extremists?  There's roughly 2,300 folks who they generally watch.

You can do the math.....there's around six million residents in Hessen and 4,500 of them are on some kinda watch list.

What they say is that folks go onto the list.....folks come off the list.  It would be curious to know how you get onto this list, and how you get off.  I assume.....some folks pack up and move to another state, and that'd help to take you off one list.  Some folks pass on.....some folks probably clean up their act after a period of stupidity.

For locals who look over safety and would be a worrisome number.  These are simply people who haven't done anything illegal yet and they are simply being observed on an occasional or daily basis.

Why four times more leftists than rightists?  This would be a great question to ask.  Maybe there are more anti-capitalists around.....maybe there's still some university radicals around.  Maybe there just aren't that many right-wing thugs in Hessen to start with.

If you went to the average German guy on the street and said that the state cops are watching 4,500 folks in the state.....I think it'd bother them to some degree.  The thing could be on this list for thirty years and never detained or arrested.  In some ways, it's a status symbol I guess.

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