Sunday, November 15, 2015

ATM Story

If you follow German crime news.....over the past couple of years, there's been this trend of ATM banking machines being an issue.

The local news here in Hessen is reporting the latest episode.

A couple of guys went and stole two vehicles.  They drove the two vehicles to an indoor mall entrance area, ramming through the cars through the plate-glass doors, and driving the vehicles into the interior of the mall.

There, they went to the anchored ATM machine and began to ram it.  Using the two vehicles.....knocking it back and forth.....they eventually broke it from the support anchors, and tossed it onto one of the vehicles, then drove off into the night (around 1AM).

Total damage to the mall?  Roughly 30,000 Euro.

Oddly, cops get a call and by 4AM....are at the burned out wreckage of the vehicles and the ATM machine sitting there (cracked open).

The bank says that the machine had roughly 10,000 Euro in it.

Over the past couple of months, there's been a number of ATM episodes....most involve explosives used on the building and the ATM.  In one case, they literally destroyed the front entrance to a bank entry to get at the ATM.

Cops and success?  Well.  Nothing much.

The cops do say in relation to this mall ATM episode.....they've got lots of video and a handful of witnesses who watched the whole thing unfold from a restaurant from across the way.  With the vehicles burnt out.....there's likely to be no fingerprints.  So, unless someone comes forward with some info....I doubt if this will be solved.

All of this.....for just 10,000 Euro?  Yeah.

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