Monday, November 2, 2015

The First Aid Kit

Last Friday, I had the car maintained....the winter tires put on, and a oil change.  Somewhere in the middle of checking out the car....the German mechanic came to note that I had an obsolete first aid kit.

By German law, you have to have a first aid kit in the car, and it's written in a very particular way as to what will be in the kit.  The TUV inspections will go through the kit and you could actually fail a car inspection if you don't have a first aid kit.  So, for roughly 4.90 Euro.....I got the replacement kit.

Now, I must be honest and note over the past twenty-odd years of having a German vehicle....I've never looked at the contents of this stupid first aid kit.  In fact, with the old Mercedes that I had....I didn't even know where the kit was 'hidden'.

So, for the first time ever....I opened up this first aid kit and looked it over.  There is just enough gaze and bandages to handle a two-star emergency at best.  I thought....well....if I did cut my finger while filling up the gas tank or scratched up an arm while doing something in the trunk....there might be enough there to handle the job.  Beyond's worthless.

Now, I realize that Germans are always right, and there is probably some logic to this....going back to the 1950s, and the general idea of two kinds of with minor issues, and one with serious wounds.  Maybe the idea is that you need to call for an ambulance with the serious wound deal and with minor issues....just have somebody at the site toss a bandage on you.  I don't' question Germans, but it just stands out to some degree.

As for the value of what they sold me being 4.90 Euro?  It's stuff made in China, and it couldn't have cost more than 1.50 Euro to make..  The garage probably made two Euro off the stupid box....which is the silliest part of the whole deal.

I'm giving you my best advice from a non-German prospective.  Take the TUV requirement serious and replace the obsolete stuff.  Don't ask stupid questions because it just doesn't matter.  And if you got some minor injury while driving assured, there's enough in there (minus the Bactine) to do the job.  Beyond that?  You'd best call for an ambulance real quick.

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