Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Captagon Gang

The German news folks at Focus put the update up this morning.   As the French cops have gone and done a fairly extensive investigation over the hours prior to the Paris attack....they've come to the hotel room where the 'boys' were staying.

There, they found syringes and needles.  The drug used?  Captagon.

I've bogged on this topic two or three times in the last ten days.  This is a German-developed drug out of the 1960s.....a amphetamine that will hype you up for hours and hours....feeling invincible and powerful.

Yeah, it's mostly illegal in western countries now because of the potential of abuse.  But the stuff is made to a great extent in garage-like labs (the Breaking Bad-like scenario) in Syria.

The one comment that I've noticed over and over by the French folks who survived the attack.....the attackers all acted like zombies....with a detached view of reality.

If you use enough don't suffer from hunger pains, fear, lack of courage, or any actual wounds or injuries that might occur.....well, until the high wears off.

What'll happen now?  Mostly nothing. A few people will ponder upon this usage and ask if most all jihadists use Captagon, and they will eventually realize that most all jihadists use it and it's been a problem throughout the Middle East for more than thirty years.  Even in Saudi Arabia, where some folks claim up to 50,000 individuals a year are pushed into rehab over the drug.....there's a problem.

Drugged up loser thugs on some combination amphetamine and religious high?  Man, who imagine that scenario?

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