Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Political Trends

Bild (the German daily newspaper) had a survey/poll accomplished by INSA on the political climate today.

With the current refugee crisis trend.....nationally-speaking.....the CDU-CSU still maintains almost 35-percent of the national support.  The SPD, near 23.5-percent.   Sitting now in third-place is a shocker.....AFD, with 10.5-percent.

The Linke Party and the Green Party followed with 10-percent each.

Big change in public support?  Bild says over the past two or three months....no.  Nothing has occurred on the national scale to dislodge current perceptions.  State elections in March?  Well, after we clear Christmas and get into heavy political talk.....lets' check the numbers again and see if the AFD picks up more support.

Note added: If you go back to July and statistical coverage...AfD was at three-to-four percent.  So, Bild's words of nothing big changing for past two months might be correct, but there's a big change since mid-summer.

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