Friday, November 13, 2015

Cold War Disco-Pub-Club?

Going back to the 1970s or 1980s.....down in Zweibrucken, Germany....the US Air Force had a air base.  It wasn't a big installation, although it had a runway and stayed active up until the early 1990s.....when it was turned over to the Germans.

The runway was used to some degree for summer vacation travel.  Some of the base was converted to a discount mall area.  And the rest was mostly unusued.

I noticed this week in regional news from the "Z"....that some younger Germans had approached this idea of using the old command post bunker for a commercial idea.

The idea to change the property into a gaming area for computer geeks, with a bar operation.

Oddly, the people who have control over the property haven't said much over the asking price.  The group buy it and renovate to what they want.....they need 1.5 million Euro (go figure how it's worth that but that's the present strategy).

So the kids (most around 18-to-21) have put up site to collect money for the idea and hopefully collect enough to make an offer.  So far, according the news media....they are up to around 17,000 Euro.

I ended up spending a year at Bitburg before they got to the closing phase and it was interesting to walk around base while we were shutting things down and note all the weird buildings, bunkers and structures that existed.

I kinda admire these guys and their vision for the old building.  There's virtually nothing else that you could make out of it.  It would be interesting to see it converted into a wild pub-disco-geek-cafe....with bartenders dressed in some military-like garb....and some siren going off once an hour for defcon X.  Maybe once a year, you could have a 'lock-down' party for twelve hours.....with the steel doors closed and booze being poured in a liberal fashion.

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