Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dopers, Zombies, and Jihadists?

Earlier this week, I essayed a piece on the use of a amphetamine pill within the Syrian War on my other blog site.

The drug is fueling energy and a false sense of reality among the users.....mostly all Jihadists participating in the Syrian conflict.

Well, it was reported yesterday that Turkish cops got into a illegal shipment of the amphetamine tablets.....bound for two locations (one was the Gulf States region).  The total?  Four thousand pounds, or roughly ten million tablets.  The Turks hint.....all of the pills were manufactured in Syria.  It might make you think that part of the income for ISIS is drug production and export to neighboring countries.

Face value goes up and down on these might be able to get some for $5, but the general going price is closer to $20 per pill.  Total income on the shipments ($200 million), if it'd gone through.

Captagon.....the commercial name for the pill.....has been a heavily used pill in Saudi Arabia for a number of years.  I read one piece where the Saudi state has to operate a rehab program and there's near fifty-thousand individuals who have to go onto the program yearly.

I have doubts that anyone will drug-test the dead bodies from the terrorists in Paris, or the handful arrested in Belgium and Germany.  But my humble opinion is that if you did drug-test them.....they'd all have evidence of Captagon in them.

The French magazine "Le Point" wrote a comment into one of their articles from comments of eyewitnesses to the attack.....that the terrorists behaved like "zombies".  From the few comments written would have to reach some conclusion that these guys were doped up on something and had no ability to reason or think.

Mumbai 2008 attack?  There's been talk that amphetamine evidence came out of that attack.

Some kind of Quran rule against drug usage?  Well, it would be argued that they would have written such a rule had there been drugs in 630 AD.  But basically you are left with one verse that says you should avoid things which would bring harm to the body.  Some enthusiast might reach an opposite conclusion by saying that for you to reach maximum capacity in achieving the mission in need some Captagon to conclude a successful purpose.

Dopers?  Zombies?  Jihadists?  It's a chilling scenario.


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It simulates the same effects as a user of meth, but the effects wear out much faster; which is why an individual may have a couple hundred on him. It's similar to what the Nazi tank drivers used: they where refereed to as "panzer chocolates". They were first tested by the Nazis when they invaded western Europe via the Arden (btw, to date, going through the Arden is still considered one of the greatest military maneuver in the history of combat: going single file on a small dirt road through that huge forest - they risked it all, the bulk of their entire Army, and succeeded).