Thursday, November 12, 2015

If It Couldn't Get Worse

There are two interesting things that came in German and refugee news today.

First, there's this big joint EU-Africa meeting, and the EU wants African countries to readily accept their folks back.....when forced to leave France, Germany, etc. entice the African countries a bit....the EU put money on the table.  All of this was done in a friendly way....calling it a 'trust'.  But this would amount to roughly twenty-odd billion be shared among 35 African countries.

The African guys didn't really want that part of the deal.....they just want the money....they don't want to accept these folks back.

Things haven't gone well in this talk.

Second, Germany said they want to enforce the Dublin-standard rule.....which says if a refugee is not accepted in Germany....they are sent back to the original point in the EU for someone else to mess with.  Germany's neighbor's aren't happy about that change in strategy.

But there's this odd thing.....almost no one (probably less than 50,000) of the 2015 refugees (1.5 million) might have signed in some other country and wandered onto Germany.

Even if the Germans tried to send them back.....the other country (Hungry for example) might just refuse to accept them, and force them to walk back into Germany a second time.

What this tends to lay out?  It's an odd thing.  Germany might actually twist itself around 180-degrees from Chancellor Merkel's original vision, and then discover.....for the big element of this.....they can't get rid of the people they don't want.  With the exception of the Syrians, who might accept a ticket back to Syria if Putin were to finally defeat one else might be willing to play this game.

All of this goes forward to the 2016 state elections (five total) and the 2017 national election, and it really starts to invite various scenarios where angry and frustrated Germans want to punish political figures and stupid actions.

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Well, for starters its important to remember the basis of much of 'African governments' is "whatever tribe has the majority" (given a specific land/territory).

In all honesty, none of this matters Citizen - the Africans don't care because their people already live in SHIT.

What matters is Q2 of 2016. Fuck everything else - money speaks (in 2016: several countries will go under - the BRICS are done and over).