Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris Fallout

It's been roughly thirty-six hours since the Paris attacks, and a bit more is known.

One of the guys found dead and noted as a terrorist....held a Syrian passport (he actually had it on his person apparently).  They ran the name and he comes up having registered sometime in the first week of Greece, on the isle of Leros.  He made the trip across the 'bay' from Turkey....roughly a 30-kilometer trip.

Typically, the 'walk' from mainland Greece, through Macedonia and the various countries....using an occasional train...would take a minimum of two weeks, and maybe up to three weeks.  So, he scooted through fairly quickly and skipped Germany....making his way to France.

The Greek authorities (the Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas) noted that he was registered there and they aren't sure if the guy registered anywhere else in Europe.  I would assume not.

The second interesting part of the story is that one of the bombers (there are a host of them apparently)....had the job of making his way into the stadium while the France-Germany soccer game was being played.  The guy had a suicide-bombers vest, when he encountered the security guy at the entry point.  He was forced to open the jacket and the security guy stepped in front to check him.....noting the vest and immediately stopped him.  The French guard actually did exactly what he was supposed to do.

This bomber was denied entry and detonated his bomb somewhere in front of the stadium and doing lesser damage.

So, we come to the topic of sleeper agents.  It'll end up being discussed at length over the next week.  It's difficult to imagine it not being talked about in German discussion forums.

How many sleeper agents from ISIS made their way to Europe?  Out of this potential 1.5 million number that often gets mentioned, it's impossible to say.  There could be ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred, perhaps even 500.

How can you establish who the sleepers are?  You can't.  Once you admit will start to worry people about this whole open-door policy.

All of this is going to generate some massive appeal from various countries to control borders.  Fences will be put up and there will be at least some temporary episode to check passports more frequently at entry points.  I can't see any of the EU members wanting a full-up check-point existing like it was prior to the 1990s.  But public hostility will demand some type of increased security.

Political fallout in Germany?  State elections in three states are roughly 120 days away.  Paris will be hyped in these regional elections and the political parties with strong emphasis on pro-immigration and pro-asylum will end up suffering at the ballot box.

The one last thought.....even if you have legit refugees from Syria who aren't sleeper agents....they will be sitting around without a job for months as they go through the integration phase and language classes.  They will be bored, depressed, and easily manipulated by fraudulent religious instructors.  They will be easily influenced and pressed into service as future sleeper agents.

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