Friday, November 20, 2015

Munich Planned Attack?

Late last night (Thursday) cops in Munich reacted and found a possible planned terrorist operation underway.

What is generally said off Focus this morning is that the maid came to service a couple of rooms....found cop uniforms on the bed....being suspicious, she went back to the front desk.  They called the cops and they arrived fairly quickly.

Four of the eight suspects were arrested....the other four fled in BMWs.

Fake cop uniforms and gas-type canisters were found in the hotel rooms.  No weapons have been mentioned yet.

The eternal curiosity of Germans and their vigilant view of life stopped this act.

As for the four?  There's apparently a bulletin out for them in Bavaria.  I would guess that they've called up their connection and are looking for a safe house to regroup and replan the operation.  Where the cop uniforms came from?  That might be curious to know.....but it might be a costume party business.

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