Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Fight

In regional news around Germany, cops got called out to old Spinelli Barracks (Mannehim)....which is now being used as a refugee center.

What was said via SWR (one of the regional TV networks) was that some fight started up between a hundred immigrants.  The chief weapon being used?  Broomsticks.

This was mostly a fight a fight between Afghans, Algerians and Moroccans on one side.....and Syrians and Kurds on the other side.

Around eight police cars were called upon and put down the riot.....using pepper spray.

Cause?  Mostly unknown.  The cops say one of the Algerians started this fight and he suffered a fair amount during the fight.

I noted at the bottom of the story.....the day prior....at this same former barracks.....doctors had gotten called out and fifty-odd people had a major attack of diarrhea.  Medical folks ended up treating at least fifteen with some healthy dosage of anti-diarrhea medication.

My humble guess is that there might be some tough talk going back and forth over sanitary habits and cleanliness.....which triggered a comment or two over diarrhea.....which typically gets people all frustrated and upset.

The thing is.....in this type of compound or center operation.....diseases get passed around rather quickly and you could have a dozen-odd characters with poor hygiene habits causing problems for everyone in the camp. It would not be hard to get people upset.....if all they do is sit around for hours and hours.....blaming each other for various problems or ailments.

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