Monday, November 30, 2015

Bavarian Minister on Niqabs

Over the weekend, Bavaria's state minister on economics.....Ilse Aigner....came out with a comment on the need for German legislation to ban burqas and niqabs in German society.

The trigger?  She made a trip to Iran recently and apparently 'forced' to wear a headscarf as part of the Iranian rules for women to be in public or around government officials.

As Aigner said: "It does not fit into our culture to hide.  And it contradicts our idea of equality of women."

As you read through her text....she doesn't just mean for the immigrant crowd....she means for foreign tourists as well.

The odds of getting this passed in the current Bundestag?  Zero percent, because of the numbers of SPD members, Green Party enthusiasm for Muslims, and Linke Party objectives.  State-by-state?  It might be possible in two or three German states to find enough votes and get legislation passed.  Whether it would survive a Constitutional Court challenge is unknown.

I've made this observation on several occasion....if you go back ten years ago in a city like might have seen one or two such ladies in a niqab in a single day.  I'd note in 2015 that on a typical summer afternoon in the shopping might see between seventy and a hundred such women.  Whether they are tourists or unknown.

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