Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Sweat-Pants Kids

I get on the bus daily and come to note the various attire combinations of German school kids.  I'm the older guy, and a bit of a I kinda shake my head over what some of the kids wear.  I'd probably use the words.....inappropriate, baggy, lounge-wear, slutty, etc.

I noticed in regional news this morning....there's this school in the southern quarter of Germany which has decided enough is enough....they want a dress code.

The director has said in strong has something do with attitude.  I must agree with this logic.

What they've noticed locally is that kids are now showing up in school and wearing sweat-pants.....jogging-pants.  Apparently, they've even had kids who were up at apprentice age....showing up for sweat-pants.

So they've sent a letter out and want a parents-school conference meeting in December....and if enough parents support this....a ban will start up.  More support across sections of Germany?  Well....most will say they don't have a least not yet.

Bottom line?  Germans tend to be rule-makers and enforce to the ninth-degree.  I suspect this will start a new trend with schools across the country.

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