Monday, November 23, 2015

Bringing Cat Pictures into the Fight

Yesterday, a significant amount of activity took place around Belgium, with cops and soldiers acting on tips and arresting sixteen individuals.  Raids were conducted on almost twenty locations.

While all of this was being carried out.....the city is basically shut down and no public transportation working.  The authorities realized that reports of the raids would warn other they asked for public support....basically to flood Twitter with non-essential information and keep individuals guessing on what was really going on.

In a matter of minutes.....people went into action....with cat pictures.  Thousands upon thousands of cat pictures.  The Twitter universe that hung over Brussels was filled with tens of thousands of reports with cat pictures.

Hashtags were created....#Brusselslockdown, #Brusselsundersiege, etc.  And cat pictures were attached.

If you were a bad guy and looking for updates about what the cops were weren't going to get it from social media.

By the end of the day.....a number of bad guys were taken off the street.....relative calm continued in Brussels.....and a bunch of social media freaks could proudly say that they did their piece.....with cat pictures.

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