Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Friday Vote

Tomorrow, four different bills will be introduced in the German Bundestag and put to a vote.  They all center around assisted suicide.  Oddly, the state-run news media has barely covered the debate.  There's been one single focus hour on it this week....mostly to bring viewers up to the point and inform them of the discussion.  I think the political folks have taken this avoid public debate and just hope that no media campaign occurs.

No one will say much over the odds of the bills passing.  They may all be voted down....they may all be voted upon and passed.

What the general public will say is that there is a segment of society that would like to have the option of assisted suicide.  These are mostly people with health conditions that are terminal or putting the individual in a great deal of pain.

If you look around Europe.....Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium currently have the most proactive assisted suicide laws on the books.  Some in Germany think that the nation will progress to the same level of Switzerland within the next decade.

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