Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Refugee Center Episode

From what the cops out of Munich say this morning.....they got a phone call to come out to a refugee center near Berg am Laim around noon on Saturday.  It was one of those personnel available calls and they responded with approximately twenty cars....or so says a couple of different news sources.

A woman gunshot wound.  Eastern European.....not a Syrian or Eritrean.

Their original idea was that the husband was the they've collected this guy and gone to questions at the station.  However, they still say it might have been a suicide event.  The gun?  Well, that's the odd thing....they can't find the gun.  The suggestion of the suicide?  It apparently comes from the husband.

I have my doubts that cops will buy this suicide suggestion as long as there is no gun sounds too much like a murder.

Trouble from the crowd at the center?  No.  Folks were respectful and there was no other event other than the shot fired and a woman dead.

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