Saturday, November 21, 2015

Overview of the French Changes

In a week's time, France has literally moved mountains in terms of control measures related to the Paris attack.

A 90-day waiver was granted by the French Parliament which enables a couple of extensive features.

First, cops may now search the homes of individuals (except for politicians, journalists, or lawyers) without a judge's order.  If four cops come up and suspect you have someone of terrorist significance in the house.....they will simply arrive and demand entry, and if you deny them....they will knock the door down.

If you were connected to some guy that the cops caught on terrorism judge's order is required for them to search your house.

Some people may suspect a judicial review later and say that by wavering the politicians, journalists and was unfairly written.

The second interesting aspect of the laws passed is the ability for the government to block any website that is deemed a problem.  If the authorities find a site that was used for communication between'll be shut down.

The third aspect concerns house arrest.  They can detain you and simply hand you a written notice that says you must remain in your house except for work or medical purposes.  Written into this law was a feature that you could be lifted out of the house arrest but be told not to meet or mingle with certain people (Salafist folks for example).

Electronic tagging of people?  Well, yeah, that was written into the law too.  So if you showed that you weren't reliable at taking a court order serious......they'd put the electronic device on you, and monitor you via it.  If that didn't work.....well, you'd likely be taken to the local jail until you seemed to grasp the significance of the laws.

In ninety days, these will end.  Or people may think they will end.  Some the house arrest and electronic tagging.....I suspect will continue on and become part of some national trend of acceptance.

I should note that another announcement came from the French that he was hiring roughly 8,000 new police, investigators or customs officials over the next year.  Sadly, by the time you figure training and'll be two years before these people really fit into the French security picture.

Implementation into Germany?  For the time  After a successful attack or two.....some elements of this French effort will be considered.  The warrantless entry into houses would freak out most German intellectuals and politicians.

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