Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Bavarian Law

The Bavarian Bundestag met up today and passed a new state law....only affecting folks in Bavaria (the free state).

The cops in Bavaria asked for it, and it will be effective as of 1 December 2015.

It says.....if you are a masked demonstrator at a riot or demonstration within are committing a criminal act.

The Greens in the Bundestag brought up the fact that you might be on your way to a costume party in a Polar Bear suit.....but that didn't go too well because folks said you don't typically have guys in polar bear suits at riots or demonstrations.

I sat and pondered about this, and think they are right.  You typically don't have German women dressed as Wonder Woman or witchy-bitchy gals for riots.  You also don't have pirate-dressed guys or cowboy-theme guys for demonstrations.

A challenge in the courts?  I'm guessing a number of lawyers would like to challenge it.  The thing is...the Basic Law (Germany's Constitution)....doesn't really have a clothing freedom listed.  This also might be the first attempt to edge toward banning the Burka that Muslim occasionally wear.

As for the first attempt to break this?  I'm guessing the Bavarian cops will arrest a couple hundred guys and just charge them solely on the mask alone.  The thing have to show the lawyer game....plead innocent....get some court action....and pay a fine with legal costs.  After you've done this two or three get an attitude adjustment.  Maybe they've finally found a way to disrupt riots.

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